Biodiversity, the diversity of organisms from the genetic to the landscape level, is an essential element of the earth's ecosystems. Since, according to scientific estimates, up to 90 percent of all existing biological species are still unknown to science, and since the role of many species for processes and functions of ecosystems is still not understood, a better knowledge of biodiversity and its interrelation with the environment is crucially important. The international and multilingual journal "Species, Phylogeny and Evolution" focusses on taxonomy and ontogeny as well as on phylogeny and the framework set by evolutionary processes. This offers a true interdisciplinary perspective on biodiversity. The journal is peer-reviewed by its high-ranking editorial board and published by the Georg-August-Universitiy Göttingen. Volumes usually contain articles around specific topics, however monographes within the journal's scope can be published as special issues.
This journal ceased publication with Volume 3/1 (2013).

ISSN (Print): 1864-211X

ISSN (Online): 2513-1273

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