The examination of the tremendous reform-process taking place in the German academic world, especially its consequences for the German college sports is the focus of the adh-series "Bildung und Wissenschaft”. The intention is to present insights into backgrounds and contexts of the current developments and to initiate discussion about the process. The publishers hope to contribute to the developments in sports in academia and in clubs. With this serial "Abschied von Humboldt – Reformprozesse an den deutschen Hochschulen und ihre Bedeutung für den Hochschulsport" the former adh-series is being revived after an extended period of silence.

Mit diesem Hochschulsport-Periodikum wird die ehemalige "ADH-Schriftenreihe des Hochschulsports" nach einer längeren Pause wieder belebt.

ISSN (Print): 1864-189X

ISSN (Online): 2512-7063

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