The Conference documentation for 2006 again shows exciting examples of new library buildings that have been planned, built or completed during the last couple of years. It provides information on the core data for 24 libraries in Europe. Drawings, cuttings and photographs provide an overview of the organisation, and the functionality and the architecture of the buildings. These brief characteristics are not merely of value for the historical record. They assist visits to buildings by architects and librarians who are themselves planning or producing new buildings, and they also act as a mirror for new architectural trends and innovative solutions for both traditional and new library functions. The documentation is thus an appropriate background to the Seminar on the theme ‘Changing Needs, Changing Libraries’, which is being held in Utrecht from 22 to 25 March 2006. It brings architects, librarians and planning specialists together to discuss new user requirements, architectural developments and technical facilities, and the embedding of libraries in the master planning of university sites as well. One main topic is the optimising of architectural competitions, which are decisive for the future provision of library services.

LIBER, Architecture Group seminar ; (Utrecht, NL) : 2006.03.22-24

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