Without a doubt Karl Marx’ philosophical work had a huge impact on “western” concepts of society and economics that still reverberates in the philosophical discourse. In the analysis of this ongoing discourse however the work of Chinese scholars is underrepresented. This book is a translation of the reference work «Back to Marx» first published in 1999 in the PRC. The book is a serious inquiry into the interrelationships between Marx‘s political and economic philosophy, based on careful and systematic reading of a wide range of textual sources, including—in particular—the newly published second edition of the Complete Works of Marx and Engels (MEGA2), which collects notes, drafts, manuscripts, and excerpts previously unavailable to the scholarly community. The author Zhang Yibing teaches philosophy at the University of Nanjing and is one of the foremost scholars of Marxism in the PRC, a Marxist analyst of contemporary philosophical issues. At the same time he is the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Science and Society, Vol. 81 (2), 2017, pp 305-308

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Language: English

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