The collection "Göttinger Beiträge zur erziehungswissenschaftlichen Forschung" was created in 1991 to offer of researchers of the "Pädagogisches Seminar" a place for publication of small studies or explorative empirical studies or documentations or research papers. Students who wrote an exceptional final paper were also offered the possibility to publish their work within this collection. The series is being continued even after the renaming of the seminar to "Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft".

Issue 34 and following of the "Göttinger Beiträge zur erziehungswissenschaftlichen Forschung" will be published as open access publications only.

Back issues (No.1-33) are available online on GRO.publications at Göttinger Beiträge zur erziehungswissenschaftlichen Forschung.

ISSN (Print): 0942-2064

ISSN (Online): 2198-2384

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