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Sichtlich evangelisch. Die Glasfenster der St. Jacobikirche in Göttingen von 1900/01 und die Hannoveraner Glasmalwerkstätten Henning & Andres und Lauterbach & Schröder
Christian Scholl und Harald Storz (Hg.)
Softcover, DIN A4
ISBN: 978-3-86395-302-7
Erscheint am 21.5.2017

Preis für Dissertationsschrift

Der Physiker Dr. Martin Krenkel erhielten im Dezember 2016 den mit 5.000 Euro dotierten Dissertationspreis des Universitätsbundes Göttingen.

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Fachartikel zum Thema Universitätsverlage in Deutschland erschienen

Bargheer, Margo; Pabst, Jutta ’Being small is not a fault’: Making sense of the newer generation of German-language university presses. Learned Publishing, Vol. 29, Issue S1 (2016), p. 335-341
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Zusammenfassung: International discussion on university presses appears to be dominated by Anglo-American concepts and concerns, passing over many continental European presses that operate in their national contexts. In our article, we provide a case study of German-language university presses that highlights challenges and opportunities when publishing in languages other than English. A common thread across those university presses is their adoption of open access (OA) publishing. OA has become a necessity for them because the combination of publishing niche scholarship and a potential audience limited by linguistic borders serves to create market conditions that are not viable in a conventional model. Consequently, German university presses have adopted OA publishing earlier than many of their English-speaking counterparts and provide a developed example for some of the ongoing transitions highlighted elsewhere.