In the FoDEx Studies, contributions from the following FoDEx subject areas appear: Right-Wing Radicalism, Left-Wing Radicalism, Radical Islam, Historical Reappraisal of the History of the Lower Saxony Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Lower Saxony Democracy Monitor (NDM), and Invective and Memeification in (anti)social Networks. These studies result from independent subprojects and present their scientific results, for example, in the form of qualitative-empirical local milieu studies, reception studies, in surveying the geography of political attitude patterns and their mental anchoring in Lower Saxony's majority society, voter profile evaluations, quantitative-empirical studies, or in the analysis of networks or discourses. The studies are based on a rich set of established research methods, such as field visits and demonstration observations, individual, expert and group interviews, quantitative surveys, qualitative text and document analyses, finally archival research as well as acquisition and systematization of primary sources.

ISSN (Print): 2628-3743

ISSN (Online): 2628-3751

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