Exceptionally preserved fossils from Fossil Lagerstätten contribute greatly to resolving details on the history of life on Earth. For the first time, the “Paläontologische Gesellschaft” (PalGes) and the “Palaeontological Society of China” (PSC) combined forces to jointly present an international conference aimed to highlight and encourage the study of exceptionally well-preserved fossil sites worldwide. The conference focused on all aspects of palaeontology and geobiology, also incorporating related fields like biogeochemistry, biology, sedimentology and stratigraphy. The present volume contains the abstracts of more than 275 lectures and posters presented during the joint international conference “Palaeobiology & Geobiology of Fossil Lagerstätten through Earth History”. This year’s conference was held at the northern campus of the Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany, from September 23-27, 2013. More than three hundred palaeontologists, biologists, geologists and other scientists and researchers from sixteen countries, mainly from Germany and the P. R. of China, participated.

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Joint Conference of the "Paläontologische Gesellschaft" and the Palaeontological Society of China ; (Göttingen) : 2013.09.23-27

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