This volume documents the results of a partnership between the Institute of Public Law, Department of Administrative Law, at the University of Göttingen and its counterpart at Taras Chevchenko University in Kiev, sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The subject of this institute partnership was the question of whether and how the judicial power in Ukraine, which still suffers from a large trust deficit among the population, can gain in rule of law through a stronger orientation towards Western European standards. To this end, five mixed-national working groups, composed primarily of junior scholars, investigated what rule-of-law functional conditions should underlie the third estate. Specifically, the working groups addressed the rule-of-law requirements and limits of judicial independence, the democratic control of the judicial power, the relevance of jurisprudence for adjudication, the importance of judicial interpretative competence for the quality of adjudication and adjudication reasoning, and the need for university legal education to be more tailored to the judicial profession. Translated with (free version)

Publication Type: Anthology

Publication Category: Universitätsdrucke

Language: German, Russian, Ukrainian

ISBN: 978-3-86395-499-4 (Print)

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Funder: Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung

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