Remote sensing data and GIS methods provide powerful instruments for the assessment and modelling of environmental indicators of the earth system and its change at multiple scales. Change, in general, is a consequence of human activities and is apparent to us in terms of climate and land cover change.The present book addresses the up-to-date topic of change and is a compilation of scientific contributions related to mapping, monitoring and modelling »Global Change Issues in Developing and Emerging Countries«. It includes the condensed results of an international biennial conference on »GIS and Remote Sensing for Environmental Studies« that took place in Göttingen, Germany from 04th to 06th October 2006.

Göttingen GIS and Remote Sensing Days ; 2 (Göttingen) : 2006.10.04-06

Publication Type: Conference volume

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Language: English

ISBN: 978-3-938616-93-2 (Print)

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