Although German as a Foreign and Second Language (DaF/DaZ) is a relatively young subject, it is old enough to already have three histories: one East German, one West German, and one all-German. The exploration of these three histories including their tense (non)references and references has only just begun. In the present volume, the focus is on the DaF/DaZ location Dresden and its subject representative Prof. Dr. Dagmar Blei, who played a decisive role in shaping this transition. this volume is dedicated to her. On the basis of professional biographical reflexions of her former staff members as well as retrospectives of former colleagues, not only the transition from the East German partial history to the all-German history of the The subject's transition from the East German partial history to the history of the whole of Germany, but also some of its sub-areas, are illuminated in an exemplary manner. The focus is never only on the past, but also on the future perspectives of the subject at the TU Dresden and beyond. Translated with (free version)

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