Richard Martin Honig (1890–1981) is best known in the field of criminal law as one of the pioneers of the doctrine of objective attribution. However, in addition to other works on criminal law and criminal procedure, his academic oeuvre also includes studies on Canon Law and Roman Law, introductions to jurisprudence and legal philosophy, as well as contributions to US criminal law and criminal procedure. The diversity of these subjects also reflects Honig’s extraordinary career. A professor at Göttingen since 1925, Honig’s Jewish origins forced him to emigrate during the Third Reich, first to Turkey and then to the United States. Despite this experience, Honig returned to Germany in the 1960s, where he died in Göttingen in 1981. This volume is the first comprehensive study of the person and work of Richard Honig. It focuses equally on Honig’s relevance to contemporary criminal law doctrine as well as his significance in other fields of law and in other legal systems.

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