Human societies are characterized by highly differentiated social relationships, pronounced cooperation and highly developed forms of communication; they are considered unique in their complexity. However, a pronounced sociality can also be found in our closest living relatives, the non-human primates. Since 2015, the members of the interdisciplinary Research Training Group "Understanding Social Relationships" have been investigating how social relationships are developed and maintained, and which cognitive abilities are decisive in social interactions. The comparison between humans and nonhuman primates serves to develop a better understanding of the evolutionary basis of human social behaviour. Reaching the end of its funding period, the Research Training Group presents the special exhibition "Me-You-Us. Social Relationships in Humans and Other Primates" in the Forum Wissen to provide insights into the research practices of this interdisciplinary consortium (25 April - 3 November 2024).

Ausstellung Ich-Du-Wir; Göttingen : 2024-04-24

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